HLS Tutorials

Are you interested in understanding more about HLS and if you could get the kinds of big design/verification SHIFT-LEFT results that major companies are seeing? The following are great resources for any RTL designer or System architect interested in what is HLS but especially those that are familiar with building high performance hardware that include Image Processing.

Edge Detection Walkthrough Video YouTube Series

Edge Detection Walkthrough Series

The following series of videos provides a step-by-step walkthrough of what is needed to take a C++ floating-point algorithm all the way to optimized RTL using Catapult synthesis.

If you would like to step through this design you can do so by downloading source files via the Github Download button below.

HLS On-Demand Training Library

Catapult HLS & Verification
On-Demand Training Library

The Catapult High-Level Synthesis (HLS) On-Demand Training (ODT) library contains a set of modules to introduce Engineers to HLS and High-Level Verification.


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